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75. Whiskey Fever Dreams

What's a dream YOU would make a reality if you had the means and money to do so? That's the question we ask ourselves in today's episode of the podcast. How will Matt book the perfect wrestling storylines in the 69 Whiskey Wrestling Federation? How will Eric wow sci-fi fans across the world with an idea he's had since he was a kid? All of these a more dreams we have for ourselves if we ever make it big at this podcasting thing. Remember, if you enjoy our show, we encourage you to leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform, and by doing so we will read your feedback live on air! All our links: https://linktr.ee/69whiskeypodcast

About 69 Whiskey

Military Veteran and self proclaimed "Dollar Store Dom," Eric Weinstein began 69 Whiskey as a college radio show on 107.7 The Bronc. A show once restrained by rules and boundaries is now coming straight to you as raw, uncensored and unapologetic as ever. Along with Co-host, Motorboatin' Matt, and various guests of the 69 Whiskey Army, this dynamic group covers topics ranging from drink recipes, entertainment, and of course, your favorite positions ;) Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.