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Wole Ayodele, Fliqpay

OUR SPONSOR FOR THIS EPISODE: Valence, a new and exciting community built for black professionalsFounders Unfound listeners: get free membership and priority access hereSign up for the Valence BOOST Challenge: this episode Wole and Dan discussed:Startup life in Nigeria during a pandemic lockdownHow cryptocurrency is more than a speculation toolWole's career arc through engineering, marketing, and bankinga quick tutorial from Wole on cross-border paymentsRaising money globally in a COVID-19 worldEpisode Shout Outs:Techstars BangaloreWole Ayodele is an entrepreneur who is on a roll. Wole is classically trained as an engineer but began his career in marketing. It's a chance to shift into banking, however, that helped Wole find his passion for finance. He is on his SECOND fintech startup with Fliqpay, a company that uses cryptocurrency infrastructure to help businesses send and receive payments globally. The Fliqpay platform cuts transaction time from days to minutes which is significant when their clients are waiting for payments to settle. With Fliqpay, literally time is money!Listen in to hear the story.MORE on WOLE and Pitch on Techstars Demo Founders Unfound : Like and share - help us grow!PODCAST TRANSCRIPT See for privacy and opt-out information.

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