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A podcast about our messy relationship with technology. Hosted by tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar and comedian Joe Leonardo, and featuring a diverse range of experts about the ways that technology excites us, scares us, and confuses us. It's complicated.


Should we cancel social media? Joe & David debate.

Is it time that we left Facebook & Twitter? Can a person succeed without a social media presence? And is social media a communications platform with advertising, or an advertising platform with communication? Joe & David discuss and debate the virtRead more


Facebook, Twitter, Trump, & Section 230! Is social media really a public square?

What is Section 230 and why is it so important to how social media companies operate? David & Joe discuss and debate, with David going over the nuances of social media that make is part public square, part media company, and part utility company. GivRead more


Memes, trends, & internet culture w/ Tumblr's meme librarian Amanda Brennan!

David & Joe talk to Amanda Brennan, the trend expert and meme librarian at Tumblr, about the importance of memes, where the internet is headed, and what we can learn from teens online. Amanda Brennan is Tumblr’s internet librarian who currently leadRead more


Should Elon Musk be fired from Tesla? David & Joe discuss.

Should Elon Musk get fired from Tesla?? Hosts David & Joe discuss the the outsized role that Elon Musk plays at Tesla and whether his erratic online behavior and cryptic posts are becoming too much to handle. Does Tesla=Elon Musk or can it have a lifRead more


Trends! Tech adoption & the importance of culture w Matt Klein

Is a trend authentic or merely being propped up by business? David & Joe talk to trend expert Matt Klein about our life on social media, why certain technology gets adopted and others don't, and the importance of culture and psychology in determiningRead more

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