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6: Crunch time: Is the UK ready for the next recession?

The IPPR Economic Justice Podcast. In this final episode of the series we ask, is another recession on the horizon? Is the UK ready and what can be done to prevent one? And when a recession does come, what should progressives argue for? Host Carys Roberts is joined by IPPR Senior Economist Henry Parkes, political economist Ann Pettifor and economist and author Eric Lonergan. NB: This podcast was recorded before the coronavirus outbreak, so does not mention the implications of the virus for the economy.

About IPPR Economic Justice Podcast

The Economic Justice Podcast examines our broken economy and discusses the progressive solutions that can end injustice and create prosperity. Drawing on IPPR research and expertise, plus special guests, the podcast will be an opportunity to focus on the major issues and opportunities facing the UK economy. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.