MadLit Musings with Jaime Jo Wright

MadLit Musings with Jaime Jo Wright

By Jaime Jo Wright

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MadLit Musings - We chat LIFE here with special guest authors of both fiction and non-fiction! We dive beyond the story into the deep questions of Spirituality, Does God Exist, How Does Faith Fit, Culture and Jesus, Identity, and more. It's not just a podcast to talk about writing or reading, it's a podcast where we ask the tough questions on life! Join Christy Award-Winning Author Jaime Jo Wright for Season 5!


Does the Church Miss Out on Grace? with Author Kim Vogel Sawyer

Does the church show the grace we esteem when we come face to face with the fallen? How has history shown us where we need to change? Join Jaime Jo Wright as she chats with Author Kim Vogel Sawyer and features Kim's new release "Songbird of Hope HillRead more


Love Letters, Hospitals, & Trauma with Author Becca Kinzer

Enter into Rom-Com with Becca Kinzer! It's a trip--literally--going tandem through everything we never and always wanted to experience! It's the chaos of living in fiction form. You're going to want to listen in on this chat!


Should We Preserve Classical Art or Let It Go? with Author Cara Putman

Does preservation of historical treasures like classic art align with the Christian belief of "not storing up treasures on earth"? Chat with Cara Putman and your host, Jaime Jo Wright as they chat about the place of art in our world, both today and sRead more


What Heals Wounds? with Author Sarah Loudin Thomas

Life is like a mess of tangled threads, and no one shares about them as well as Author Sarah Loudin Thomas as we sit down to chat about wounded hearts and lives and what--if anything--can heal them!


Can You Be Content When You Don't Want to Be?, with Author Melody Carlson

Switch places, careers, romances? Yes please. In this latest novel from Author Melody Carlson, we also chat about what it's like when you just can't seem to be content where God has you. Is it possible to be like the Apostle Paul and be "content in aRead more

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