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Suns Solar Panel

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We're like a sports bar filled with Suns fans. You just have to bring your own beer. Hosts Greg Esposito, Dave King and Tim Tompkins take you on a weekly journey into the sometimes fun, sometimes painful and yet always entertaining world of Phoenix basketball.


167- Don't Hit The Panic Button, Suns Fans

Despite the loss to the Miami Heat, there's no reason for Phoenix Suns fans to panic yet. Plus the guys look at what the Suns need to make a playoff run and more.  That and much more on this episode of the Solar Panel. Support The Show Solar P… Read more


166. Is Devin A Superstar?

Was Monday's performance against the Philadelphia 76ers in a Phoenix Suns win Devin Booker's announcement that he's a superstar in the NBA? Plus, Phoenix Suns broadcaster Jon Bloom joins us to talk about just how real this team is.  That and muc… Read more


165. Betting the Suns Make the Playoffs

Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel- Would you bet a mortgage payment on the Suns making the playoffs with +1000 odds? Plus, is Aron Baynes better for this team than Deandre Ayton? What can we expect from this team moving forward, a heartfelt apology to… Read more


164- The one with Tim Donaghy... Yes, that Tim Donaghy

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy offered an exclusive interview with the Suns Solar Panel and Bright Side to discuss how referees stuck it to some owners and players every chance they got. Dave King spent time discussing every aspect of the scandal and… Read more


163 - Are the Suns Actually Good?!?!

After three games the Suns are 2-1 and just beat NBA title favorite and super team the Los Angeles Clippers shorthanded. Is it time to start wondering if this team is actually good? That and much more on this episode of the Solar Panel. Support The… Read more

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