The Discussion Room

The Discussion Room

By Ms. Reid

Everything you never thought you needed to know about how Daddy Issues show up in unexpected ways in every one.


Find Joy on Father's Day

What do you do when the protection you need, puts your loved ones at risk?  How do you address the patterns that produce people prepared to spend their lives in a cell when they don't belong there?  Do you know how to comfort a child who loses their Read more


Thank You!

Ms. Reid makes an announcement and Thanks listeners for their support in amplifying the PodCa$h Grant application submitted by The Discussion Room. --- Support this podcast:


What Wisdom is Made of, with Ashlee Wisdom

Ms. Reid shares more than an hour with co-founder and CEO of Health in Her Hue Ashlee Wisdom. Ashlee shares what made her feel connected to the early content Ms. Reid wrote on DaaamnDaddy. How growing up in the church has helped shape who she is todaRead more


Becoming Black and Better with Berrell Cobb

In this episode Ms. Reid speaks with certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist & Addiction specialist Berrell Cobb about his experiences working in the prison system. What it’s been like to grieve a loved one with a complex existence. Reflecting on hoRead more


Motherhood Ain't Easy: Thoughts from 10/9/2021

In the last episode Ms. Reid got vulnerable about her struggle with adapting to motherhood. Some listeners reached out & asked that she share the unreleased content she mentioned in that episode. Here, you get raw reflections from October 9, 2021 andRead more

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