A Tale of Two Hygienists

A Tale of Two Hygienists

Michelle and Andrew The Two Dental Hygienists

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TIPisode Do You Have An Appropriate Translator?

On this TIPisode Andrew is joined by The Latina RDH, Amber Lovatos, RDH and fellow host in the A Tale of Two Hygienists Family! Amber and Andrew join us from Voices of Dentistry to highlight a tip regarding our Spanish speaking students, patients, and children of our patients.    Episode Highlights:  Students are not your translators Children don’t interpret for parents  Gauging Understanding  Quotes:    “All patients deserve equal care.”    “If you don’t understand the language, how are you truly measuring competency?”    “Now I’m going to tell a child to interpret dentistry when adults don’t understand dentistry.”    “Ask your patients open-ended questions.”    “Your Spanish doesn't have to be perfect to build rapport with your patients.”    Links:    amlovatos@gmail.com    @Thelatinardh on Instagram and Facebook    https://atothenespanol.libsyn.com/un-cuento-de-dos-higienistas

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