Becoming Yourself Podcast

Becoming Yourself Podcast

By Veronica & Olena

Do you feel like you are living the wrong version of your life? Does your fear, anxiety and self-doubt take over the driver seat? Do you wonder what your life purpose is? Welcome to Becoming Yourself, a bi-weekly podcast hosted by two life coaches and recovering perfectionists - Veronica Thai (@curiousmonki) and Olena Gisys (@olena.gisys). Each episode is a candid conversation over a cup of morning coffee, where co-hosts are tackling questions many of us have, but rarely talk about. This is your bi-weekly doze of self-discovery and A-Ha! moments, with tips and takeaways for navigating life’s challenges. New episodes on Sundays biweekly.


Ep 22: Infinite Wellbeing, Breathwork and Mind-Body Connection

It’s been busy (and crazy!) few weeks!  This is a catch up episode where we share our noteworthy insights, breakthroughs and newly discovered resources with you! We talk about the various healing modalities that we’ve experienced in the past few monRead more


Ep 21: Are you feeling unworthy of love and belonging?

Most of us go through life feeling that something is fundamentally wrong with us. That we're not capable of achieving our dreams. That we're worse than others. That we're simply not enough. Ever since we became emotionally wounded as little childreRead more


Ep 20: Changing Stereotypes About Digital Nomading with Tal Levy

What does it really mean to be a digital nomad? The way we live, work and play has changed dramatically in the past year, making many people rethink their routines and reconsider how they integrate work into their lives (or the other way around). Read more


EP 19: What is your purpose?

"What am I here for?" - This question comes up sooner or later for every single one of us. When it emerges, we are faced with two choices - to ignore it or to start seeking answers. If you've stumbled upon this episode - it might be your sign that iRead more


EP 18: How To Navigate A Career Change with Sarah Vermunt

If you’ve been contemplating career change, this episode is for you! We spoke with the founder of Careergasm (yep, that’s the name!) and an awesome career coach Sarah Vermunt – about getting unstuck and finding your way to feel-good work. We talk aRead more

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