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Codename: Family Affairs

Written Notes   It is the FINAL episode of season 1! To close out an incredible season we invited Momma & Papa Boujie to chat about money and life. Mykail talks about everything from how her parents learned about money to teaching their 6 children about money. They both bring a real discussion. Two more money songs are added to the playlist to end the season strong!   Social Media Links:   Mykail IG: @theboujiebudgeter W: T: @boujiebudgeter Naima IG: @naimanbarnes T: @naimanbarnes Contact us: #CodeAndCoin

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Code and Coin is the place where money nerds and tech geeks come together. This weekly FinTech podcast is fun, insightful, and engaging. Join your host Mykail “The Boujie Budgeter®” J, MBA for your dose of FinTech news, money strategies, tips, and tricks. If you love learning about the latest in financial technology, this is the podcast for you. This show will keep you updated and informed through interviews with startup founders, money nerds, and other tech enthusiasts. Code and Coin is where money and technology meet. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.