The Crocc Pod Theory

The Crocc Pod Theory

By Rocast Media

Crocc Pod Theory, a podcast where philosophy meets Hip Hop. Host 'I AM LX' breaksdown well-known and lesser-known rap lyrics and relates this to history, poetry, philosophy, spirituality and more to discover new meaning and appreciation for the artform. Follow the pod on instragram @croccpodtheory and theorize with the community.


A Force To Reckon With

What do 2Pac, Biggie, Steve Harvey and Jim Carey have in common? They all use a force that is both destructive and creative and it is a force you too have access to.


Teardrops and Rain

This episode is all about the Bars of Andre 3000 and a breakdown and how it relates to science, mental health and healing.


Rappers are modern day Poets?

Hip Hop a genre that was once scuffed on, is now getting high praise in comparison to Poetry. But does Poetry and Rap have anything in common to be merrit comparison?


Has Our Mind Ceased To Be 'Mind'?

Join host I AM LX in deciding if our opinions hamper us in being truelly thoughtful.


Introducing: The Crocc Pod Theory

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