Dear God Are we there yet?

Dear God Are we there yet?

Dear God Are We There Yet?

Dear God Are we there yet? play_circle_filled

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S5/EP 7: life shifts: finding our way forward when everything changes

🎙 New Podcast Season 5 🎙 S5/EP 7: life shifts: finding our way forward when everything changes Primos y Primas, At times it can feel like life is beyond your control. And, to be fair, life often is beyond our control. It wasn't until I became a mother that I became more mindful on my behavior towards things or people simply because I didn't want to "pass" down those habits. I know I sound like it's a virus but then again I often thought about moments in my life where I began to react differently. Is it emotional intelligence, is it being more aware, is it accepting to let go what will not serve me? So many questions but then BOOOOOOM God shows me that those experiences was for me to see a different side of self and that a SHIFT in my life was coming. These were shifts and on this episode I talk about three experiences we all experience that can for sure equate to shifts in our lives. Join me, Grab that cafecito y vamos hablar! Episode Highlights: 💡 Breakthroughs in our reactions towards situations 💡 Social Good starts with Self Love 💡 How do I know it's a shift and not just a lesson learned 💡 Reality check on opportunity to welcome change Click here to listen or search “Dear God Are We There Yet” on your favorite podcasting app! If you enjoy this episode, here's 3 simple ways you can support it. - Leave me a review! It’s easy and free. Your reviews help me reach others. - Share this podcast with others on IG stories! Also, free and easy to do with the click of a button. - And lastly become a volunteer and support this podcast so that it can continue to grow and help others live more abundantly. I hope you blast that merengue all week! and GRACIAS sooo much listening. Besos #deargodthepodcast #deargodarewethereyet #queloque #dominicansdopodcat #season5deargodthepodcast #afrolatina #nonprofitpodcasts #socialgoodpodcast

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Que lo Que! Yes Dominicans do Podcast. You see we live in this virtual world where people just don't "TALK" like it's 1995. Let's have conversations without the judgment zone. God is just a metaphor so grab that cafecito and let's see what questions we have for the Universe. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.