Holy Healthy Mama

Holy Healthy Mama

By Kristen Noriega

Registered Dietitian providing fellow Christian moms with practical, uncomplicated solutions so you can feed yourself and your family with confidence and simplify your journey towards health.


How to stay motivated with healthy habits

When motivation fails, which is all the time quite frankly, you've got to know how to keep moving moving.  Listen for a sneak peak into private coaching for my clients and leave with tangible tips to get on a healthier track and stay there!   LinksRead more


Get your babies to sleep easier!- interview with certified sleep specialist Rachel Mitchell

Top ticks and tricks from guest expert Rachel Mitchell, certified sleep specialist, to get your babies and toddlers to sleep better!  Let's be real, if baby is sleeping, mama is sleeping.  If mama is sleeping, everyone is happy!   Find Rachel @myswRead more


Client Success! Emily's doctor noticed THIS.

Share with permission, this episode was pulled from a Baby Weight Program coaching session.  Listen to hear how Emily's follow up with her doctor turned into full recognition of the hard work she's put in to start living the healthy life she's been dRead more



A discussion about what it feels like to be in the phase of life where you aren't sure if you're done having babies, but you also want to feel your best!   Coaching and free Facebook community


Pooping, peeing, and intimacy after babies--an interview with pelvic floor physical therapist, Felicia Chaves

Get some quick tips and insight from pelvic floor physical therapist, Felicia Chaves!  She helps moms restore function and get rid of pain down under.  Find her on Instagram at @nm.pelvic.health.pt   Join my free Baby Weight Facebook community todaRead more

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