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CYF 073 — mercredi 12 mai 2021 — En passant à la boulangerie Archibald

Last week, on Friday, the weather was nice in Paris. My friend Anne-Laure and I had planned to have lunch in the Jardin des Plantes. We also had an appointment with Matthias, the baker at Boulangerie Archibald, in the fifth arrondissement. I needed to take a picture of one of his bread for my next book. Matthias does not run a typical parisian bakery with croissants and baguettes. He only sells artisan breads and his bakery is open only in the afternoon. He’s successful in the neighbourhood and very well known now in Paris.  This episode starts as Anne-Laure and I are at the bakery. Then, you will follow us on the boulevard Saint-Germain.    My name is Laetitia, I’m French, I live just outside Paris and I share with you a small slice of my daily life here in France. I have also been running the podcast One Thing In A French Day since 2006 All the information about the transcripts, notes and photos is available at

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