Let's Start A Cult

Let's Start A Cult

By The Cult Of Podcasts

Join me (not in a cult sense), Josh Schell, as we dive into the dark and interesting world of cults! I will take you on a journey of how cults form, who their leaders are, and how they almost always come to an end.

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The Church of Almighty God | China's Most Dangerous Cult

The Chinese government is often criticized for its harsh policies against groups that undermine it. However, many have welcomed the measures that it has taken to repress the Church of Almighty God, due to the cult’s involvement in dozens of controverRead more


Colonia Dignidad | Chile's Secret Nazi Cult

In today’s episode of Let’s Start a Cult – the story of Colonia Dignidad, a religious commune established on the foothills of Chile’s Andes Mountains.  To outsiders, it seemed like a self-sustaining Christian community that strived to give back to tRead more


The Ripper Crew | Chicago's Satanic Cult

The Ripper Crew, a group that terrorized Chicago with a series of abductions and horrific killings between 1981 and 1982. Later, it would be revealed that they would eat the amputated breasts of their victims as part of their sickening Satanic ritualRead more


The Family An Australian New Age Cult

In this episode, we are talking about an Australian New Age Group called The Family. This group forcefully adopted children and raised them on a compound in Australia.Sponsored by Db Journey: https://bit.ly/37cP8YP (https://bit.ly/37cP8YP)Our SocialsRead more


The Children Of Thunder

In this episode of Let’s Start a Cult – the story of the Children of Thunder, a trio led by a fanatic who believed that it was his mission to kill the leaders of the Mormon Church. To carry this out, he brainwashed his younger brother and his roommatRead more

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