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Letting Grow

Claire Villarreal, PhD

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I'm taking a break!

Well, friends, I’ve officially got too much on my plate right now! There are more episodes to come: conversations with wonderful and insightful people, teaching episodes about what happens when we die and what it can teach us about who we are now – and a super spooky episode on David Hufford’s book The Terror That Comes in the Night about sleep paralysis and supernatural assault.   But I’m taking a few weeks off now as I work on other stuff – like live workshops, my YouTube channel, and my first book (yay!). “See” you in late November! To find everything else I’m doing, here are a few links: My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ClaireVillarreal My other podcast, Buddhist Wisdom, Modern Life: https://anchor.fm/buddhist-wisdom My newsletter signup: https://bit.ly/CVmailing And you can come say hi on Facebook or Instagram: @namastehyall

About Letting Grow

In each weekly episode we explore Tibetan teachings on the death and rebirth process and the bardo (in-between) states. These states -- this life, death, the clear light of our true nature, and time before rebirth -- offer our best chance at full awakening because all that's not our true nature is left behind. Through teachings, meditations, and interviews with experts and ordinary folks with their own stories of rebirths in this lifetime, we'll demystify some of the most profound teachings in Tibetan Buddhism. See how your life can transform when you embrace the cycle of rebirth.  Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.