Letting Grow

Letting Grow

By Claire Villarreal, PhD

In each weekly episode we explore Tibetan teachings on the death and rebirth process and the bardo (in-between) states. These states -- this life, death, the clear light of our true nature, and time before rebirth -- offer our best chance at full awakening because all that's not our true nature is left behind. Through teachings, meditations, and interviews with experts and ordinary folks with their own stories of rebirths in this lifetime, we'll demystify some of the most profound teachings in Tibetan Buddhism. See how your life can transform when you embrace the cycle of rebirth. 


I'm taking a break!

Well, friends, I’ve officially got too much on my plate right now! There are more episodes to come: conversations with wonderful and insightful people, teaching episodes about what happens when we die and what it can teach us about who we are now – Read more


Love beyond loss: Andrea Wilson Woods

Andrea Wilson Woods shares the story of adopting her little sister, Adrienne, then losing her to liver disease, which she tells in her best-selling memoir, Better Off Bald. The sisters shared beautiful moments even as Adrienne was treated for her canRead more


Trauma and transcendence: Charlene Jones on a near death experience and so much more

In this episode, author and spiritual teacher Charlene Jones shares not only her near death experience but also the many ways she's been cracked open to experience the transcendent in her life. In this episode, we'll talk about an early kundalini awaRead more


The near death experience that made true self-love possible: Nicholas Grant

My friend Nick (who writes under the name Nicholas Grant) is a writer, editor, and transpersonal psychologist, and we've known each other since grad school at Rice University's Department of Religion over 10 years ago. I was shocked to hear recently Read more


Near death experiences: Raymond Moody's groundbreaking research

If you've heard of near death experiences (NDEs), you probably know that they're a major form of evidence that consciousness can survive the death of the body. In this episode, we'll go through Raymond Moody's classic 1975 book Life After Life, in whRead more

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