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Storming heaven: The Paris Commune

On 18 March 1871, the masses of Paris rose up and established the first ever workers' state, known as the Paris Commune. In this talk, Josh Holroyd covers these brief but heroic events, and draws out the lessons for revolutionaries today. We apologiRead more


Women, the family, and the Russian Revolution

The Russian revolution made colossal steps in the fight for women's liberation, far greater than any other movement - today or in history. In this talk, Natasha Sorrell discusses how the Bolsheviks approached the women's question, the gains that wereRead more


Sovereignty and independence: The national question in Ukraine

We are often told that the war in Ukraine is being fought in defence of democracy and national self-determination. In this talk, Jorge Martin details the real reasons for the war, and the complex history of the national question in Ukraine. 🌐 Read Read more


Profits vs peace: War and imperialism

Amidst the carnage of the First World War, Lenin characterised capitalism as “horror without end”. Today, the grim truth of that statement can be seen in the proliferation of brutal conflicts around the world from the industrial slaughter of civilianRead more


The 1925-27 Chinese Revolution and the role of Stalinism

From 1925 to 1927, the young Chinese working class waged a revolutionary struggle against the decaying order of the warlords and imperialists. Tragically, the errors of the Stalinist Comintern led to the crushing of this revolution. In this talk, DaRead more

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