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Kill the Noise (formally Money Business Reselling) is a place where we focus on eliminating outside interference to your success. We tackle topics such as debt, building a business, side hustles and leadership all while trying to define what success is. About the host: Joey Ruffalo paid off over $300k in debt and turned his energy towards helping others achieve the same financial peace. He works closely with the e-commerce and gig worker communities to advocate for financial freedom and developing long term goals. Joey is a Ramsey Preferred Coach with an MBA in Financial Planning. Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/mbrradio/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/mbrradio/support</a>


Helping Parents and Children Navigate the Virtual Classroom with special guest Christine Bearden

Special Guest : Christine Bearden  Christine is a teacher, parent and owner of LC Virtual Academy. LC Virtual Academy Educators are a team of experienced, licensed teachers who work to answer the call of parents, students, and colleagues while recreaRead more


Can Creditors Garnish your Stimulus Check?

Is your Stimulus check protected from creditors? There are ways to protect your money from being taken.    Links:  https://www.jrfinancialcoaching.com  https://www.moneybusinessreselling.com  https://wavve.link/mbrradio/  https://www.patreon.com/MBRRRead more


The Power of Generosity -Its not all about Money

Being generous does not always have to revolve around money. During times of struggle, generosity can take on many shapes and forms. The important take away here to open yourself up to be generous and to look past your own self interests. Let me knowRead more


Social Distancing and Social Media - Building an online community with guest Doug Smith

Social distancing got you down? Doug Smith joins the show to discuss how to get social, how to build and engage your community and much more. Then in hour 2 we talk music, albums that saved us, podcasts and whole lot more.    #resellercommunity #sociRead more


Budgeting Through a Crisis - The Coronavirus and your Finances

The following is from a live Youtube where I discuss budgeting during a crisis. We discuss the four walls, essential budget items, how to handle creditors and debt during this time as well as some ways to make some extra money. The Corona Virus has uRead more

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