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How To Stop Being Lonely And Find Your People with Jillian Richardson

A followup to our previous episode On Loneliness, we follow up with loneliness expert and author Jillian Richardson about action steps we can take to find community even during covid. For more information on the project check out No content provided by or Mental Radio is intended to be medical advice or medical care. Do not make any changes to your care plan, including taking medication as prescribed, based on any content on Mental Health Media or our associated platforms. Do not delay getting care because of anything you see or read on Mental Health Media. Talk to your licensed health professional if you have questions about treating any mental health condition. Content warning: You will find candid discussions of mental illness, self harm, abuse, neglect and suicide on Mental Health Media. Discretion is advised.


Mental Radio features practical patient-powered content about healing and managing mental illness. We focus on stories of recovery and concentrate on all of the ways there are to get better. While most mental health organizations focus on meds and talk therapy we believe patients deserve to have access to information about ALL of the ways there are to recover. We believe the best way to smash stigma is to tell stories of patient self-empowerment, and healing. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.