Wavve Link #1

Wavve Link #1

By More Than A Hit

Two brothers tackle the '00s and '10s and interview the period's best hit-makers that they grew up listening to. Benjamin and Brenton Blanchet on the mic, with graphics by Paolo Blanchi.


Episode Four: push baby (Jake Roche and Charley Bagnall)

After cycling through names over the years, U.K.-based pop group push baby feels like they're now in their element. Members Jake Roche and Charley Bagnall are a year and some change past the birth of their first experimental, ever-creative pop EP, "WRead more


Episode Three: Jaret Reddick

Just 35 years after 1985, 16 years after "1985," and 104 days of summer vacation later, multi-faceted entertainer and Bowling for Soup's lead vocalist broke down his pop-punk smash hits, how his popular 2004 track could be a place of pop culture "disRead more


Episode Two: Andrew Garcia

A decade separated from his days on "American Idol," Andrew Garcia's cool voice and smooth tone still drive his tunes, even though he hasn't been able to perform them in-person for a few months. We talked to Andrew about "Straight Up," his use of socRead more


Episode One: Baha Men (with artists Rik Carey and Dyson Knight)

As the 20th anniversary of "Who Let The Dogs Out" approaches in July, Baha Men members Rik Carey and Dyson Knight broke down the impact of the monumental song which has shaken a number of baseball stadiums and children's movie soundtracks for years. Read more

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