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123. Re-release-How to stop standing on the sidelines and get networking on LinkedIn

How to stop standing on the sidelines and get networking on LinkedIn Quick win episode: 3 quick things you can do to up your LinkedIn game. Take the test - figure out where you are doing well or where you have gaps in terms of raising your profile I have been talking to a lot of people recently about LinkedIn the thing I have noticed is that they have dipped their big toe into LinkedIn - they have set up their profile and possibly added a photo of themselves. But what I am hearing is that they say they are on LinkedIn and using it to raise their profile but in all honesty what they really mean is that they are on the platform but they aren't really ON it.  Maybe this is sounding familiar? "LinkedIn is like one big networking event" - Gemma  "You can’t be a secret and a success - you can't raise your visibility game without being visible and you cant see what all those amazing opportunities are if you are not out there and putting yourself forward for them" - Gemma   How good is your visibility and personal branding - take the test?   It helps you figure out where you are doing well in terms of your visibility but also where there are any gaps - you even get a score so if you want your own copy then grab yours using the link below or head over to and the bonus is is that you will be part of the awesome people who get my emails! Don’t forget you can get my monthly NEWSLETTER that shares the latest around the gender pay gap, book recommendations and good practices that are happening all over the place that support more women to step up and be recognised for the value they bring.   Get yours by clicking >> or book a chat   #Resources    Take the Test > How good is your visibility and personal branding? Get the White Paper ‘Visibility at Work: The Importance of Self Promotion for Women’s Career Progression:     Book a call with Gemma:     Get the newsletter: Connect with your host Gemma Stow: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram:

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No More Hiding: Self Promotion at Work with Gemma Stow is a podcast that celebrates women using their voice to be seen and heard. Self promotion is often seen as a dirty word but there has never been a more important time to showcase strength. Own your expertise. Step into your spotlight. #SelfPromotion #NoMoreHiding #Leadership Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.