4 Minute Meditations

4 Minute Meditations

By Joseph Organ

Host Joseph Organ primes you for your day with quick, snack sized life affirming positivity infused podcasts. New episodes every Monday morning! Presented by ShopOtiem.com


How Do You Eat?

Good morning and welcome to your sixty-second meditation. How do you eat? You may think this question involves only what you eat and how much, but it’s actually much more complicated than that. Many of us have extremely complex relationships with fooRead more


When? Now!

Good morning and welcome to your sixty-first meditation. Last week’s meditation was about making resolutions and how to carry them out. Today we’re going to talk about when to carry them out. And you likely won’t be surprised by the answer to this quRead more


New Year’s Resolutions

Good morning and welcome to your sixtieth meditation. What should your New Year’s resolutions be? Some of us will have a very clear idea of all the wonderful things they want to accomplish this year, while others may be uncertain. But, whatever you dRead more


REPOST: Own Your Feelings

You’re here. Despite everything you’re here. You made the effort. By listening to this podcast you have taken an important step toward attaining the feeling of control and agency that you are seeking in your life. Congratulations. Keep it up.


Acknowledge Your Creativity

Good morning and welcome to your fifty-ninth meditation. Many people believe that they are not creative. Maybe they think that they didn’t get into any creative pursuit early enough, or that they quit too early, and that it’s too late and their days Read more

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