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How to Tell Better Stories

Get access to the Podcast to Profit Training:   You already know how important storytelling is. What we need to learn is how to tell better stories that make a stronger impact on the audiences hearing them. Thats’ what this episode is all about.   You’re going to get the full storytelling strategy so that delivering your message to your audience is easier no matter the medium. This strategy includes four key elements: How to set the stage and draw listeners in The build up to keep them on the edge of their seats Using a breakthrough to promote a product or service The finishing touches with a core moral.   If you’ve struggled with storytelling, this episode is for you. It’ll help you get clear on the steps of a great story. Then you’ll be able to produce better content, close more deals and be more interesting!   Hosting a podcast should make money. I want to help you get things going. Get access to the free Podcast to Profit Training here:   Find Coach Chris online:

About The Personal Branding Playbook

Everyone has a personal brand. The only difference is some people understand how to leverage their abilities and skills better than others. This podcast focuses on strategies and methods for entrepreneurs to use their personal brand to bring value to the world. The goal of this show is to teach you how to reach that next level of impact using your podcast. Enjoy interviews from top experts in business and Action Episodes from Coach Chris every single week! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.