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34. Why Investing in Female Leadership Makes the World a Better Place | with Amira Diamond and Melinda Kramer.

Mother Nature takes on a whole new meaning with this week’s inspiring guests, Amira Diamond and Melinda Kramer, co-founders and co-directors of Women’s Earth Alliance. This groundbreaking community-centric organization unites women of all ages and creeds from around the world to tackle micro and macro environmental issues together. Their success shows us all how society thrives when we collectively invest in women to spearhead change from the ground up.  It’s an honor to have them join us for their 15th anniversary to educate us and our listeners on some of the 250 grass-roots projects they’ve already launched in 22 countries across the world.   Connect with us on Insta: Alli: @alliwebb Adrian: @adrian.k   Resources: Get involved: womensearthalliance.org Instagram: @womensearthalliance  Facebook:facebook.com/womensearthalliance   Raising the Bar with Alli and Adrian is a production of Crate Media

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