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All The Hot Girls Love Pinterest, Amazon Fresh is Fake! RIP OJ? Ft TechCrunch’s Dominic-Madori

Brand new Techish! This week, Michael sits down with TechCrunch reporter Dominic-Madori Davis to break down: • Pinterest is Megan Thee Stallion’s favorite app (5:20) • Influencer review tanks company’s stock (8:55) • OJ Simpson dies at 76 (13:00) • Fake TikTok podcasts (21:09) • Silicon Valley’s ‘fake it till you make it’ culture (23:00) • Forbes to fraud pipeline (28:45) ————————————————————  Extra Reading: • Megan Thee Stallion’s favorite app is Pinterest, obviously [TechCrunch] • Amazon's Just Walk Out technology relies on hundreds of workers in India watching you shop [Business Insider] Plus subscribe to Dom’s newsletter, The Black Cat, for all things Black tech, businesses, culture & politics.  ————————————————————   Use the hashtag #Techish on X/Twitter & IG Watch us on YouTube: Support Techish at    Advertise on Techish:  ————————————————————  Stay In Touch:  Email us at #techish  Climate Confident With a new episode every Wed morning, the Climate Confident podcast is weekly podcast... Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

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