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Summer Special: Serena Retires! Instagram Be Instagram, Malcolm Gladwell Hates Remote Work

Techish is back with a mid-summer special! Abadesi and Michael, break down: Serena Williams says farewell to tennis Drama at Google & Meta All Hands meetings Everyone wants Instagram to be Instagram again The post-pandemic flop of D2C Is remote work ruining society? Kelis not getting her coins on Renaissance ————————————————————— for roles for POC in tech for talks and training to make your company more inclusive ————————————————————— Extra Reading: ———————————————————— Use the hashtag #Techish on Twitter & IG Support Techish at Advertise on Techish: ———————————————————— Stay In Touch: Email us at

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A podcast by two millennials talking about all things tech, pop culture, and life. Starring tech founders Abadesi Osunsade [@abadesi] and Michael Berhane [ @michaelberhane_]. Visit us at and use the hashtag #Techish. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.