Truth Doctor Show

Truth Doctor Show

By DiveThru

The Truth Doctor podcast is hosted by none other than the Truth Doctor herself –Dr. Courtney Tracy! Dr. Tracy is a licensed mental health professional and known as the internet’s no-bs therapist. With every guest Dr. Tracy interviews, listeners will learn more about their own minds and mental health. She’s diving into the deep end and uncovering all we need to know about trauma, mental health, and how our unconscious mind creates our perceptions of ourselves and our world. Dr. Tracy just wants to make the world a better place by helping heal one mind (or many) at a time. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>


No B.S. Break Down: Physical Anxiety

Trigger Warning: Suicide Anxiety can impact every part of the body. After last week’s episode with Christina Wolfgram, Dr. Courtney Tracy explains that anxiety affects more than just your thoughts and emotions, and can actually control physical symptRead more


Getting Real About All The Shit (Metaphorical & Literal) with Christina Wolfgram

This week, comedian and content creator Christina Wolfgram sits down with Dr. Tracy! Christina opens up about her anxiety and how she has dealt with the anxiety through the different phases of her life. The two discuss everything from anxiety poop, tRead more


The Art of Mindfulness with Kenzie Brenna

Trigger Warning: Self-Harm, Eating Disorders Welcome back to The Truth Doctor podcast! This week, Dr. Courtney Tracy speaks with self-love enthusiast and mental health advocate Kenzie Brenna. The two dive into Kenzie’s history with eating disorder anRead more


The No B.S. Break Down: Vulnerability

After the last episode of The Truth Doctor podcast, Dr. Courtney Tracy dissects her conversation with Zachery Dereniowski. She takes a deeper look into his formula of vulnerability = relatability = empowerment, and what exactly each of those things mRead more


The Empowerment Formula with Zachery Dereniowski

This week on The Truth Doctor Podcast, Dr. Courtney Tracy speaks with former college drop-out turned motivational speaker, Zachery Dereniowski! He went from a 0.59 GPA in his freshman year of college, to making a comeback with a 4.0 GPA and a 512 MCARead more

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