Truth Doctor Show

Truth Doctor Show

By Dr. Courtney Tracy

What does it mean to be a human in today’s world? More crucially, what does it mean to be a human first—to experience the truth about your inner experience and how to help yourself before tending to any external needs? If you've struggled to answer these questions, then this podcast is for you. HUMAN First with Dr. Courtney dives into honest and real conversations about what it means to be a human with both physical and mental health needs. Guests include clinical experts, doctors, entrepreneurs, survivors, coaches, and more. We hope our episodes help you. New episodes come out on Wednesdays!


Dr. Kristen Casey: The Truth About Sleep and Your Mental Health

In this episode of the HUMAN First podcast, LAST EPISODE OF THE YEAR. Dr. Kristen Casey is clinical psychologist, author, and content creator. She’s the founder and owner of a private practice and consultation company. Prior to her psychology career,Read more


Elyce Mandich: The Truth About Suicide, Loss, and Trauma

In this episode of the HUMAN First podcast, we get deep. This episode is about personal loss and suicidality overall so here is your content notice. I am a therapist, a social worker, a wife, a mom, a relatable human, and so much more. Mental health Read more


Dr. Sami Pieknik and David Meer: The Truth About Affirming Neurodivergent Mental Health Care

In this episode of the HUMAN First podcast, Our guests are two of the most fun people I’ve had the chance of interviewing: Dr. Sami and David! This episode is all about being neurodivergent. David Meer is a licensed professional counselor located in Read more


Cate Jonsson: The Truth About Creativity, Art, Writing and Healing Mental Health

In this episode of the HUMAN First podcast, Our guest is Cate Jonsson. Cate is a writer, artist, mother and mental health advocate. In 2017 she published her first collection of poetry as an act of healing through creativity, which lead to being inviRead more


Patricia Lamas Alvarez: The Truth About Attachment Styles and Relationships

Today’s guest is one of my favorite relationship therapists, Patricia Lamas. Patricia is an LCSW, who owns Securely Coupled Therapy, and provides individual, couples, and sex therapy in both LA and NY. She has worked in a variety of different settingRead more

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