Weekly Wave presented by WaveRez

Weekly Wave presented by WaveRez

By Greg Fisher

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Best Marketing Channels for Spreading the Word about Your Watersport Business

With so many options of different marketing channels, it might be quite tricky to figure out, which one can help the most with your watersport business growth. In order to figure this out, you need to decide if you are doing it to increase the numberRead more


Best Places for Watersport Operators to Check Out for Hiring Workers

Finding seasonal staff/crew has always been one of the major endless challenges for watersport operators and business owners, especially in 2021 with impacts brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, we cover not only the best places for youRead more


Best Resources to Keep Watersport Operators up-to-date on Things Happening in the Industry

Although there are not that many resources available for watersport operators to use for staying up-to-date on things happening in the industry, we still were able to find a few for you; learn about all of them in this episode.


How to Maximize Your Profits with Your Watersport Business

Did you know that many watersport operators consistently leave money on the table without realizing how much profit they could have made by capitalizing on existing rentals and tours? Learn different ways of maximizing your profits for rocking this sRead more


Why Watersport Businesses Should Adopt Dynamic Pricing Concept

Dynamic pricing is not a new concept and the airlines and hotels industries have been using it for many years. Find out how watersport and boat tour operators can utilize this pricing strategy in this episode. Stop leaving money on the table and starRead more

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