Wavve Link #1

Wavve Link #1

By Kathleen Saelens

The Sovereign Sessions are a skillful weaving of ancient magic and modern perspectives, designed to illuminate deep and profound transformation and healing for women. Join your host, Kathleen Sylvia Saelens in an intimate conversation style exploration of The Priestess Path, Prosperity Codes, Luscious Soul Embodiment & More!


Embodying Sacred Leadership: The Modern-Day Priestess

Today’s guest, Julie Parker, author of the upcoming book 'Priestess' started exploring the world of the Ancient Priestesses as a way to satisfy her own curiosity. As a modern-day Priestess, and cofounder of The Priestess Temple School, Julie has a beRead more


3 Tools To Maximize The Rewards Of Your Shadow-Work

Shadow-Work is one of the most intense AND rewarding experiences we'll have on our Path. In this episode, I use my own personal journeys into Shadow-Work to offer you 3 Tools/Insights, that will help you maximize the Medicine of your own Dancing WithRead more


Embodied Sovereignty: Moving Into The World From A Felt Experience Of Potency & Power

In this episode of The Sovereign Sessions Podcast we dive into the Core Element of our current spiritual paths: a remembrance of our own Potency & Power within the experience of individual embodiment & the collective. Offered as an invitation for refRead more


Feeling Called To Make A Difference & What To Lean Into More Than Ever

In this intimate conversation-style episode, we explore: ▼ the importance of reconnecting to your deep wise self. ▼ a brief forray into masculine and feminine energies ▼ why you may find it hard to reconnect to your intuitive self ▼ why I believe thaRead more


The Sovereign Sessions 002 - 7 Practices For Transmuting Grief

In this episode: In Part 01 we explore our need for restoring the art of grieving, plus why this is especially important (required) for those of us on The Priestess Path / Heart-centered entrepreneurship. In Part 02 I walk you through 7 practices forRead more

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