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Chakra Healing with Belinda Davidson

Belinda Davidson is a bestselling author, international speaker, and spiritual support. For fifteen years, Belinda worked as a professional medical intuitive, working closely with doctors and healthcare practitioners; and for over twenty years, she’s worked as a spiritual coach and mentor. Among her clients are celebrities, CEOs, and well-known business and industry leaders. Belinda was born highly intuitive and very psychic. “A curse in her childhood,” she says, “a wonderful gift later in life.” In this episode you will learn: About Belinda's psychic gifts from brith and how she turned them from what she considered a curse to a blessing and used them to help others. The chakras of the body. How to care for each of your chakras and improve your energy and health. Why meditation is key for your spiritual health and development. Energy centres and energy fields and how we can tap into them. How to find your life’s purpose via your chakras. Plus much much more. Connect with Belinda: Connect with Me: Watch the podcast on YouTube: Like us on Facebook: Book your coaching call (Black Friday Early Bird - 50% off our 12 week online coaching programme): Order your Muhdo Health DNA Kit (20 % off use code: ALDNA): --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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