The Equestrian Tai Chi Podcast

The Equestrian Tai Chi Podcast

By Jenny Pim

The Equestrian Tai Chi Podcast will share about our Energy/Chi and the Horse's, and the energetic connection that's possible between us. It will also share about Taoist Philosophy and how we can bring it into a living reality in our lives. Please visit our website to find out about our Certification Programs for Instructors and Training for Riders!


Why Horses love when we practice Equestrian Tai Chi

This episode is about why horses love Equestrian Tai Chi.  It's a focus for them to really tune into energy and to follow it in their body as we practice and in our bodies too. Horses are really masters at reading energy. It's natural for them to coRead more


Taking the Time to Be Me

This episode is about taking a little time to address habits that are not helpful to us, that we wish we could be free of.


Using our Yin energy to help us in the shortest days of the year


When Time is of the Essence

This Episode is about when we have to do something in a certain timeframe and we don't have enough time. We look at three things to consider in relation to this and how we can use another type of time to help us, when we are under pressure for time!


In the Middle of Hope and Fear

According to Taoist cosmology, Wu Ji is the undifferentiated source of everything. Although Wu Ji is the source of everything, it has no desire to create and for this a creative energy is needed, and this creative energy is Tai Ji. Tai Ji can givRead more

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