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Playable Characters Podcast

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Funny interviews with real video game characters


Level 201 - Rancid from Timekillers

Surprise! We're back with a small, but hilarious, episode. Brian and his pal, TJ Del Reno, were chatting about the cult arcade fighting game "Time Killers" and then all of a sudden one of the stars of the game, Rancid, busted into TJ's studio and cutRead more


Level 200 - Where Are They Now?

[fanfare/horns/applause/cheers] WE HAVE REACHED LEVEL 200!!! Folks! This is the 200th episode of the funniest video game podcast in the world! Brian has had 199 REAL video game characters on this show and you know what? He misses them. He wanted toRead more


Level 199 - Mario Party Planner

The Mushroom Kingdom is a non-stop party, hence the dozens of Mario Party games. Today, Brian's guest the Mario Party Planner. He talks about how he thinks of all of those crazy, and deadly, mini-games. Enjoy! Starring Mike Pridgen! (@MikePridgenCoRead more


Level 198 - Pokemon Namer

We know that we have to catch 'em all. But who gets to NAME 'em all? Brian's guest today is the gentleman who has the monumental task of actually naming all 7,000,000+ Pokemon. Enjoy! Starring Andrew Del Vecchio! (@AndrewJDV and @OnTheSpotNYC) htRead more


Level 197 - Fix It Felix, Sr.

You better check yourself, before you Wreck-It Ralph yourself! Because today we are joined by the father of Fix It Felix, Jr...Fix It Felix, Sr! Him and Brian talk about raising a famous son, Ralph, and what's the deal with that magical hammer. EnjoyRead more

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