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101: Kyle Wallack, Refined Graffiti

Guest Kyle Wallack is an artist-entrepreneur and the founder of Refined Graffiti, and you can learn more about his work at his digital gallery The KW Gallery. After graduating from Endicott College in Beverly, MA, he lived in New York City for several years where his career took off before recently relocating to the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Wallack, inspired by the likes of Banksy and Basquiat among others, has now done work for global phenoms Missy Elliot and Cardi B. His work has inspired millions across the world. Before becoming the esteemed American contemporary artist we know today, Wallack’s journey was struck with hardship. In 2018, and at just 23 years old, Wallack was diagnosed with cancer of the parotid gland, which required intensive surgery to remove the cancer from his face. After a successful surgery leaving him with more than 600 stitches, Wallack was walking to his apartment when he stumbled across an easel. Wallack of course picked it up, brought it back to his apartment, and the rest was history. Due to the nature of his surgery, Wallack was informed by his doctors that the blue light produced by phones and TVs were extremely harmful to his health. With no access to electronics for more than a year, and a newfound easel and paint, Wallack’s journey as an artist began. Once Wallack picked up his newly found paintbrush and graffiti can, he never put them down. Painting became Wallack’s outlet, and as a wide-eyed, young, 23 year-old trying to figure it all out, painting allowed him to produce positively during this time of adversity. Before Wallack had his surgery, he had never dabbled in art in an international way. Afterwards, everywhere he looked inspired him to create. Fast forward to the present day, Wallack has now dedicated his full-time career to being an artist. Through years of repetition, hard work, and grinding, Wallack is now represented by Quidley & Co, a well-respected, full-service gallery that has been representing artists for 30+ years. In this episode, we explore Wallack’s impact that transcends the graffiti and traditional fine art communities, how he perseveres through all the hardships life throws at him, what he’s creating now, and what he wants his legacy to be.

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