The DJ Pod Cast

The DJ Pod Cast

By DJ Podgorny

Yet another white guy in Chicago with a podcast. I'm a nerd, a bro, and #baldmafia.


Shanu Mathew - DJP159

Shanu's newsletter (highly recommend) + his recommendations: Shanu on Twitter: Shanu on Climate Change: more


The Return of Nick Celis

Nick won't shut up about Jack White yet again + embarrassing stories galore.


The Return of Uduimoh Ellis Umolu - DJP157

Uduimoh on IG: Jon Basil: KAMI on Spotify:


A New Chapter

Today, we hang up the jersey of the best 18-month old podcast in Chicago about music that features guests in a live setting with full-length music played and that had copious amounts of copyright infringements, but never got caught because no one lisRead more


156 - Helping the Community Through Covid & The Return of Big G

Jamie Gamez -- THE man behind Big G's pizza (and the Big G's Pizza Studio on C̶l̶a̶r̶k̶ ̶S̶t̶.̶ Fullerton Ave.) -- joins the show for a second time and shares the amazing project his team has taken up to help assist our medical workers during the CorRead more

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