69 Whiskey

69 Whiskey

By 69 Whiskey Productions

Military Veteran and self proclaimed "Dollar Store Dom," Eric Weinstein began 69 Whiskey as a college radio show on 107.7 The Bronc. A show once restrained by rules and boundaries is now coming straight to you as raw, uncensored and unapologetic as ever. Along with Co-host, Motorboatin' Matt, and various guests of the 69 Whiskey Army, this dynamic group covers topics ranging from drink recipes, entertainment, and of course, your favorite positions ;)


93. How To Get In The Right Headspace

This week on 69 Whiskey, Eric & Matt talk internet influencers fighting it out, all the controversy surrounding Royal Rumble weekend, and the importance of getting into the right headspace while voice acting character & in the bedroom. Remember, if Read more


92. Motorboatin' Munches & Maneuvering FetLife

This week on 69 Whiskey Eric & Matt share their experience as they go on their first BDSM community munch together. Matt will also dive into the FetLife website as he finally begins taking part in the community. Plus, we'll also talk the latest news Read more


91. Oh F*ck Yeah! Erotic Writing and Voiceover w/ Ruan Willow

This week, Eric & Matt are joined by erotic writer, voice over artist, and podcaster, Ruan Willow! Ruan share with us how she started writing erotica and how one thing led to another going into voiceover and podcasting. She'll also shares with us somRead more


90. Statement or Side Show? A Dominatrix Walks Into City Council

This week on 69 Whiskey we're celebrating the new year by telling you our plans for the show in 2023! We'll also cover the Mandy Rose incident, and why it was hypocritical for WWE to fire her. Plus, we'll discuss the wild incident of a dominatrix walRead more


89. What's In Your Toy Bag? w/ LilFox Toy Box

This week on the podcast Eric and Matt are joined by Anthony and LilFox, who together run LilFox Toy Box. They will share some of their experiences being vendors at various BDSM and kink events throughout the East Coast, plus we'll learn why its impoRead more

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