The Wake Up Wealthy Podcast

The Wake Up Wealthy Podcast

By Brodie Kern

Podcast by Brodie Kern, entrepreneurship's leading expert on self-transformation & habits. Brodie has battled addiction, weight loss & severe mental health issues all while scaling multiple businesses. This experience has lead him to a life of serving young ambitious men on how to do exactly that.

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Create Exceptional Content And Start Thriving With Jeremy Slate

Have you ever wondered why some people are not that good at creating content for the masses? Do you want to be someone who continually produces exceptional content for your target population? Nowadays, the problem with aspiring content creators is thRead more


Don’t Be Afraid To Let It All Out

Do you feel the need to improve and change yourself but don’t know how and where to start? Are you fearful about letting your true intentions and emotions show because of fear of rejection, etc.? In life, it’s easy to hide your real self, but that’s Read more


The Longer You Wait, The Less Likely You Succeed

Do you sometimes feel unproductive and delay the task you were supposed to do? Is the planning process taking longer than usual? In any field, it’s important to remember that the time between ideation and execution is everything. When you take longerRead more


Decide On What You Want And Work On It ASAP With Ravi Abuvala

Do you sometimes think you’re stuck in a situation that doesn’t feel right? Are you itching to do something more significant than what you had initially planned? In life, people will always expect something from you: to become a lawyer, make more monRead more


Do Your Part And Act-On Racism Now

Have you ever wondered why people of color continue to fight for equality and justice to this day? Do you also question the reasons why some continue to keep the racism ongoing? Few know about and acknowledge it, but discrimination is a product of egRead more

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