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Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE is an irreverent baseball podcast by a couple of opinionated pricks in Chicago and Detroit. We focus on the Cubs, White Sox, and Tigers as well as the Giants and A’s (long story). We'll also throw out our 2¢ on MLB issues of the day whenever we feel like it.


135 | Sox Type Thing: What A Fucking Week

Much to everyone's surprise (including Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams) Jerry Reinsdorf fired both the #WhiteSox General Manager and Executive Vice President after a combined 50 years of service to the organization | A brief moment of optimism was squasRead more


134 | Cubs Win White Sox' World Series

We give our full breakdown of two nights of epic baseball between the #Cubs and #WhiteSox at Wrigley Field | Nobody knows what the fuck is going on with Marcus Stroman, including Marcus Stroman | Does anyone really believe "dramatic changes" are comiRead more


133 | Delayed Deadline Postmortem

#SFGiants lack imagination and ambition at the deadline | ASSTHETICS: Giants' Cruise sleeve ad is one of very few to get it right | Jeimer Candelario immediately proves to be the right move at the right moment for the surging #Cubs | HARDBALL DEEP TRead more


132 | DEADLINE: Who Will Stay & Who Will Go?

Lucas Giolito is heading home to California, but why didn't the #WhiteSox bother trying to keep him? | The #Cubs won't be selling Marcus Stroman or Cody Bellinger at the deadline for different reasons, but they won't be big buyers either | Did the #SRead more


131 | Indecision Reigns as Deadline Looms

Of the 5 teams we cover, only the #SFGiants are sure to be buyers at the deadline, so do they really have a chance to land Shohei Ohtani? | #Cubs continue to find ways to sabotage their own season on every level | Is a 5-2 start after the break "hotRead more

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