The Joe Lemon Podcast

The Joe Lemon Podcast

By Joe Lemon

Join Joe Lemon as he interviews today's thought-leader, recovery technology trends, and amplifies the voices changing the sick-care narrative by closing the gap between medical and fitness.


Holger Stahl | PiezoWave x ELvation Medical CEO

Today's Guest: Holger Stahl ⚡️⚡️ Website: Let's Connect Instagram: @joealexlemon Email: Website: Linkedin:


Dr. Pratik Soni x Z’Shakira Thurman - WNBA Dallas Wings, XFL Dallas Renegades, Physiotherapist

Today's guest is Dr. Pratik Soni. He's a physiotherapist and chiropractor for the WNBA Dallas Wings and the XFL Dallas Renegades. At Back in Motion Chiropractic, he specializes in the adjustments, shockwave therapy, dry needling, soft tissue therapyRead more


Ashley Campbell | The Joe Lemon Show

Today's Guest: Ashley Campbell, DPT Instagram: Let's Connect Instagram: @joealexlemon Email: Website: Linkedin:


NBA, Finding Your Creative Talent, Aligning Fitness and Wellness - Dr. Ernest Kim

Today's guest: Ernest Kim, DC, LAc 🏀Upcoming NBA season 🎨How to tap into your creative talent. 🏋🏿‍♂️Importance of mind, body, & spirit alignment. 🌉Bridge the gap between alternative health and fitness practitioners. Dr. Kim Contact I: https://wwRead more


001. Pure Capitalist Economy, Control the Controllables #MarathonSelling

Quick rant on pure capitalist economy, control the controllables Tap in : Let's Connect Instagram: @joealexlemon Email: Website: Linkedin: more

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