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Episode 23 Tips for Training Paraprofessionals in the Classroom

This episode of the podcast (episode 23) will focus on training staff effectively and tips for getting it done in the classroom.  As we all know the days of paraprofessional making copies and filling in for office work are done…and we cannot do the jobs we do in our special education classrooms, or support students in general education classrooms without the help of paraprofessionals. But I know that  training staff is a huge issue for many of us with data collection, behavior plans, and pretty much everything.  And I've got some tips and free resources that can help! Highlights of Episode 23 on Training Paraprofessionals Why just presenting information to staff is not enough for training. How learning to play the piano is like training staff. What research tells us is best practice in training paraprofessionals. Specific steps to take to train staff so that it makes a difference in your classroom. Practical strategies to use to fit training into your everyday classroom routines. Free download of resources to use and a quick win for freeing yourself up to do training with your staff. Find the Free Tools, Links, and Transcript at Want to learn more about the membership site with the course in data collection? Check out --- Send in a voice message:

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If you are a special educator of any kind, this podcast is for you. Behavior, organization, curriculum, evidence-based practice, and educator self-care are major themes. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.