Your Official ADHA Podcast

Your Official ADHA Podcast

By American Dental Hygienists’ Association

Don't miss the official podcast for ADHA! Join us as we discuss relevant thoughts, ideas, and best practices for dental hygienists throughout the United States.


Taking Accountability For Your Community (Ep 134)

On this episode, Matt is joined by Lisa Balint, MPH, BSDH, EPDH, and Linda Mann, EPDH to discuss the remarkable community-centric approach adopted by Capitol Dental Care in Oregon. They share their organization's unique and innovative strategies for Read more


Refueling Your Fire After Dentistry Burnout (Ep 133)

Wellness is a critical component of our personal and professional success. With Mental Health Awareness Month in full swing, Matt is joined by guests Dr. Sarah Jockin, DDS, and Adriana (Adri) Forino, CRDH, to share their authentic journeys from dentaRead more


AI in Dentistry (Ep 132)

Artificial Intelligence is here whether we're ready to embrace it or not. Listen in as Matt previews newly released research on this topic with Dr. JoAnn Gurenlian from ADHA and Kathy Copas, RDH of Heartland Dental. Learn how AI is being innovativelRead more


Innovation in Early Oral Cancer Detection (Ep 131)

Oral cavity and pharyngeal cancer affects over 700,000 individuals annually worldwide. Early cancer detection is critical to improving survival rates. To kick off Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Matt sat down with Dr. Bruce Lieberthal, Chief Innovation Read more


The Truth About 1099s in Dentistry (Ep 130)

Don’t miss this timely episode that addresses the importance of correct employment classification for dental hygienists. Your host Matt Crespin sits down with Joe Fogg, CEO at OnDiem, to uncover the complexities and pitfalls of incorrect classificatiRead more

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