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Behind the Numbers

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It's an axiom in business that "you can't manage what you can't measure." Business performance, business valuation - it's all managed by the numbers. While Dave has spent a great deal of time 'inside' the numbers, he has learned that the real stories and lessons-learned occur 'behind the numbers.' Join business valuation expert and best-selling author, Dave Bookbinder and his guests as they go Behind The Numbers to understand what matters most in business.


Jay Steinfeld – Bringing Humanity Back to Business

Today’s guest is the founder and former CEO of, the world’s largest online window coverings retailer, acquired by The Home Depot in 2014. His new book documents the most important element of growing a company—the human element. Dave BookbiRead more


Neil Cooper & Roger Braunfeld – Building Culture in a Law Firm

Today’s guests are making an intentional effort to build a great culture for their law firm and are reaping the benefits from doing so. Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Neil Cooper & Roger Braunfeld, Partners at the law firm of Royer, CooRead more


Michelle Fox – The Ultimate Business Quest For Entrepreneurs

Today’s guest channels the discipline of bodybuilding to enhance all aspects of her business and personal life. She’s helping entrepreneurs to do the same in their own business quests. Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Michelle Fox, CEO ofRead more


Cornelia Shipley Bearyman – Culture as a Competitive Advantage

Today’s guest learned that by enhancing the three C’s: Clarity, Capability, and Capacity; organizations are empowered to exceed their objectives and desired outcomes. That’s why she founded 3C Consulting. Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Read more


Ron Macklin - Recognizing the Stories in Our Head

Whether meeting someone for the first time or talking with colleagues on a daily basis, your interactions will define the level of relationship and rapport with those individuals. Today’s guest explains how to improve our connection with people to buRead more

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