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Behind the Numbers

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It's an axiom in business that "you can't manage what you can't measure." Business performance, business valuation - it's all managed by the numbers. While Dave has spent a great deal of time 'inside' the numbers, he has learned that the real stories and lessons-learned occur 'behind the numbers.' Join business valuation expert and best-selling author, Dave Bookbinder and his guests as they go Behind The Numbers to understand what matters most in business.


Performing Under Pressure - Mark Ashby

Today’s guest coaches business leaders by sharing what he’s learned about being an elite performer in the military. Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Mark Ashby – Founder, Mark Ashby Consulting.   Mark Ashby is a highly-regarded specialistRead more


Reaching Your Peak Performance - Bryan Gillette

Sports often provides us with metaphors for the business world. Today’s guest has interviewed business leaders and athletes to better understand this connection. Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Bryan Gillette, Founder of Summiting Group Read more


Fixing Work - Thomas Bertels

Today’s guest is the author of the book, “Fixing Work.” He’s here today to tell us what’s broken and how to fix it. Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Thomas Bertels, Founder and President - Purpose Works Consulting. In this episode we’re dRead more


The Science & Psychology of Pricing Your Product or Service - Per Sjofors

Pricing a product or service properly encompasses many factors. Today’s guest is a pricing strategist who’s here to shed light on this important topic. Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The Numbers with Per Sjofors.  Per, aka “The Price Whisperer”, is a thRead more


Leadership During Times of Chaos and Crisis - Marty Strong

Today’s guest learned about leading in crisis and chaos from his days as a Navy SEAL. He’s with us today to explain why the most difficult times are opportunities the for leaders to shine in the business setting. Dave Bookbinder goes Behind The NumbeRead more

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