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By Christian Clark and Jeff Nowak

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What are Pelicans' odds to make playoffs ... and does it matter? Plus Jaxson Hayes' bag of tricks

Despite how it might feel after an unfiltered beatdown at the hands of the Brooklyn Nets, the Pelicans still stand well within reach of the NBA's play-in tournament, but what are the odds they can actually get there? Or better yet, does it actually mRead more


Pelicans NBA trade deadline reactions: Lonzo Ball stays; Redick deal surprises

The NBA trade deadline came and the NBA trade deadline went, but despite all the noise surrounding a potential Pelicans trade of Lonzo Ball -- that turned out to be all it way. Bird Watch hosts Christian Clark and Jeff Nowak go over their early reactRead more


As Pelicans stumble, should they sell on Lonzo Ball? How about on NBA Top Shot?

The Pelicans rollercoaster continues, but where does the buy/sell needle land after a pair of demoralizing losses to the Blazers as the NBA trade deadline approaches? Should Lonzo Ball be on the market? What if you own a Lonzo Ball moment? Bird WatchRead more


Zion and Pelicans back from All-Star Break, so what's next? With guest Jason Maples

As the Pelicans and the rest of the NBA get back from their All-Star Break hiatus, one thing we already knew but enjoyed re-learning anyway: Damian Lillard gets buckets ... even from halfcourt. But what's the deal with Zion Williamson, Brandon IngramRead more


Pelicans close first half on low note, so what are the takeaways? Trade targets?

The first half of the Pelicans' 2020-'21 season ended the same way it started, confidence-inspiring wins followed by crushing losses. So where do the Pelicans go from here with a week off to take stock? Bird Watch hosts Christian Clark and Jeff NowakRead more

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