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#155 - Getting to Know Dan Becker

Dan Becker is a backpacker from Wisconsin who turned his passion into his full-time profession.  If you’ve poked around YouTube for backpacking, you’ve no doubt seen his videos a time or two.  He’s grown a massive following and for good reason - he’s just a great guy.  Dan is genuine, sincere, funny, and just loves to backpack.  I didn’t know much about him before we spoke, but sincerely enjoyed getting to know him and now have a fond appreciation for what he’s been able to accomplish. We cover a ton of ground in this episode, including everything from Wisconsin backpacking culture and learning how to find your own style of backpacking, to starting a YouTube channel and making it a real career.  One of the things I find fascinating about Dan’s approach to making backpacking a “career” is that he looks at it like a business and a hobby.  He’s been able to separate the two things, but also fuse them together which is really hard to do.  Dan has used backpacking to create a business and business to create more backpacking adventures and I think a lot of outdoor creators can learn a thing or two from him. I mean, the guy has a family and goes backpacking for a living. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy getting to know Dan as much as I did. Show Notes and Links: Dan’s outdoor backstory Backpacking in Wisconsin  Getting to know the backpacking crowd Western backpacking vs Mid West backpacking Appreciating what you have Putting backpacking in a box Learning to backpack    Finding a personal backpacking style Being the focus of hit pieces  Why Dan started a YouTube channel The life of a creative Deciding to go all in on YouTube Sponsorships and brand deals Dan’s advice to creators Working out with Dan How to follow up with Dan   YouTube: IG: Facebook: Dan's rescue recap: Support the show Thanks for listening! Check out the links below to learn more, connect, and support the show. Connect: Main Website: Courses Homepage: Learn How To Backpack: 6 Weeks To Solo Backpacking: Recommended Backpacking Gear: YouTube: Facebook Groups: Instagram: Support the Show:

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