Calabrese Mystic Cult of Horrors Podcast

Calabrese Mystic Cult of Horrors Podcast


Step right up to the greatest horror rock podcast show on Earth! Featuring all the classic Calabrese humor and hijinks you've grown to love, you'll be rockin' in your crypt as fast as a young virgin's blood can be drained from their neck (which is fast, trust us!) Starring the classic Calabrese cast of Davey, Jimmy, and Bobby, this show will be your go-to guide for all Calabrese fun, mayhem, and...well, whatever the hell else Calabrese feels like talkin' about!


Jason Corbett, ACTORS | #030

We recently ordered some Chinese takeout with Jason Corbett (ACTORS, Jacknife Sound) and while we feasted on noodles and maggots in the Cala-Cave, we dove headfirst into Jason's time-honored tradition of combining human blood with vinyl records, embrRead more


Vincent Segretario, WINGTIPS | #029

We sat down with the master of mischief, Vincent Segretario (WINGTIPS) to talk about his love for musicals, discovering new wave through Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, his giant horror VHS collection...and so much more! Time to "cross the line" into thRead more


Gwarsenio Hall, TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT | #028

Unmasked and ready to rage, Gwarsenio Hall (Two Minutes To Late Night) is here to bring his very own brand of musical joy and laughter to the Calabrese Manor! Hm, what to talk about in this episode? Perhaps Danzig? Like, TONS of 'Zig talk! But don't Read more


Vince Monster, REBEL CATS | #027

We opened up the cage to let loose the wicked wildcat, Vince Monster (REBEL CATS) to talk about covering his body in tattoos, choosing rock 'n' roll over cartoons, and his insatiable love of PARTYING! Big Cat is on the prowl and ready to rage! ME-OW!Read more


Alex Story, DOYLE & CANCERSLUG | #026

We sat down with our favorite lycanthropic cult leader, Alex Story (DOYLE & CANCERSLUG) to talk about the not-so-innocent brutality of the animal kingdom, near death stage performances, grave robbing (for real!) and the mutual addiction to Super 7/ShRead more

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