Daily Whispers

Daily Whispers

By Cara Bradley

Daily Whispers -- quick hits of motivation and mental fitness


Harnessing Your Power Through Menopause

My mission is simple: to empower you to embark on your unique menopause journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.


The Menopause Revolution: Demanding Answers and Support

I'm fired up and ready to dive deep into the under-informed, under-researched world of women's health—especially the menopause journey.


Small Choices, Big Gains, One Step at a Time

I found myself in a trance, losing trust in my body and mind, and feeling stuck in outdated beliefs... until I started taking small steps.


Menopause Mantra: Don’t Make Settling Your Default State

menopause may bring changes, but it's not an excuse to settle. We can flip the switch by upgrading our mindset around what is possible.


The Power of Promises: Transforming Inch by Inch

Explore the transformative journey of personal growth through the power of promises and incremental changes.

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