Daily Whispers

Daily Whispers

By Cara Bradley

Daily Whispers -- quick hits of motivation and mental fitness


Step back and listen

Explosive growth periods. Are you in one? I definitely have been. And during this time, I have received a message. Step back and listen.


Learning to receive

Are you open to receiving? I'm not. I am so addicted to doing that I've been unavailable to receive. Perhaps the same goes for you.


The essence of fully alive

Touching the experience of being fully alive. We tap it multiple times per day. Most of the time, however, we are moving too fast to notice.


If I can show you where I’ve been

If I can show you where I've been—whispered words from my meditation teacher, Scott McBride, that transformed me on the spot.


Sometimes agitated is good

Agitation, frustration and uneasiness. Instead of thinking there is something wrong with me, I've started to see these moods as positive.

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