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Ep 36 - Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy with Megan Kelley

Do you pee your pants while laughing, sneezing, or doing just about anything else after having a baby? Do you have urgency issues, painful intercourse, and low back pain? Have you been told that is just how things are now after having a baby? It is important for you to know that is not true! If you feel like something isn’t “right” in your body after childbirth you deserve care. And that care you might need is pelvic floor physical therapy.  In countries other than the US, this is standard practice of care. My guest today is passionate about healing women so they can live without pain and move comfortably after childbirth. Megan Kelley has been practicing physical therapy for 7.5 years with an emphasis in pelvic health for 3 years. Megan is a biological mom to Lincoln, age 4, and she has 2 foster daughters, ages 3 and 5. She and her family enjoy spending time outdoors and camping. She also spends time developing a relationship with Christ and studying God’s Word.  Things we talk about in the episode: Main symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction: Pee your pants while laughing, sneezing, doing just about anything after having a baby, urgency issues, painful intercourse, and low back pain.There is no wrong time to see a Pelvic Floor PT; prenatal care can prepare you for birth.  Ideally every woman should go at least once after giving birth for an assessment but if you are experiencing issues as you age or after having a baby a decade ago you can still benefit. We also We talk about what to expect from an initial exam, whether kegels are helpful or hurtful (hint: it really depends and you should get an assessment from a PT), and how to manage scar tissue from tears during childbirth.I hope you enjoy our conversation!The mental load is heavier now more than ever for Career Moms, signup for Robyn Miller’s course “The Mental Load Project” to begin balancing the load within your household. Use the code CAREERMOM to access an additional session with Robyn and I to focus on the Career Mom Mental Load. Need a PT in the Quad City Area: @rockvalleypt Follow her on instagram: @Kelley_maJoin the Career Mom conversation on Instagram @careermompodcastJoin the Career Mom Facebook group Career Mom Facebook GroupIf you have a story or topic you want to share contact Jenny by email  careermompodcast@gmail.comSign up for a free 30 day trial of Audible. Credit: Campfire by Scandinavianz:

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