Conversations with Kevin

Conversations with Kevin


With industry advice from our team, go behind the scenes as we share information to help salons, stylists and distributors. Get to know and understand the uniqueness and innovation of this groundbreaking Australian beauty brand with a cult following.


Supply Chain

Nearly half of all companies reported significant disruptions in their supply chains. In the salon, we have had empty shelves as well. Start at the beginning and understand – what a supply chain is and how it affects all manufacturers.  In this episoRead more



COLOUR.XELERATE: Save Time, Colour More! Our latest + Technology discussed by DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid and COLOR.MASTER Iggy Popovic. You will look at how COLOUR.XELERATE will enhance service benefits, results and understand the ease of using this gRead more


The Futures Episode

Its a celebration all round! In this podcast we explore the FUTURE, we look back on the year that has shaped us and explore CLIENT + SALON + STYLIST FUTURES in a frank, funny and open discussion. Hosted by Nathan Gorman with DESIGN.DIRECTORS Wade BlaRead more


Refining Hair

Refining hair is a fine art. Our clients demand fashionable, long-lasting and premium services. Join Kate Reid, Jodana Geary and Leland Olson to discuss their favourite refining formulas for maintenance, fast and accurate results, and fashion techniqRead more



Formulation is the key to success when colouring hair. In this COLOR.ME edition of Conversations With Kevin, we explore each scenario unique to your clients desires. DESIGN.DIRECTOR Kate Reid, COLOR.MASTER and Salon Owner Janine Simons, and National Read more

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