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The Beast Never Sings (TDR: Ch 51 - Ch 54)

In this extended episode, Matt and Enn discuss Chapters 51 through 54 of Robert Jordan's The Dragon Reborn from the Wheel of Time series! This week the girls face betrayal and later MG spills the Tea to Thom…and funnels it down his throat. Perrin finds himself on an unexpected mission and spends some time wolfin it up with Hopper. Also, Matt wants to know…”Where’s Lanfear?!” Ch. 51: Bait for the Net Ch. 52: In Search of a Remedy Ch. 53: A Flow of the Spirit Ch. 54: Into the Stone

About Cool Story

A Storytelling/Book Club/YouTube Reaction Video podcast where Matt (he/him) and Enn (They/Them) discuss Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series and the upcoming Wheel of Time TV Series on Amazon. Matt's a first-timer and Enn has read the series many many times, so we're spoiler-free! Join us as we discuss Enn's favorite fantasy series, and enjoy all the tangents and jokes. New episodes weekly on Thursdays! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.