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Lanfear... He's Just Not That Into You (TSR: Ch 10-11)

In this episode, Matt and Enn discuss Chapters 10 & 11 of Robert Jordan's The Shadow Rising from the Wheel of Time series! Pigeons and dogs...and flies...and rats...Oh My? This week join Egwene as she gets lost in a dream (literally.) Also we meet Amys, proving Matt's book psychic abilities, and find some interesting world-crossing artifacts! Ch. 10: The Stone Stands Ch. 11: What Lies Hidden

About Cool Story

A Storytelling/Book Club/YouTube Reaction Video podcast where Matt (he/him) and Enn (They/Them) discuss Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series and the upcoming Wheel of Time TV Series on Amazon. Matt's a first-timer and Enn has read the series many many times, so we're spoiler-free! Join us as we discuss Enn's favorite fantasy series, and enjoy all the tangents and jokes. New episodes weekly on Thursdays! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.