EQ@Work With Mucha Mlingo

EQ@Work With Mucha Mlingo

By Mucha Mlingo

Join host, Mucha Mlingo as she shares tips & tricks that will help you power up your career with Emotional Intelligence - the 'soft skill' that drives professional success!This podcast is for professionals who are keen to leverage the learnable skill of Emotional Intelligence to increase impact & effectiveness at work, build and strengthen professional relationships to maximise influence


E28 The Mind Of A Champion

The mind of a champion leverages the #eqsuperpower of self-awareness, which is where the journey to excellence begins, developing a deeper understanding of who you are & what you think, beneath the surface, so that you can begin to make the changes nRead more


E27: Connecting With Yourself

On the surface it seems an odd idea that you could actually be anything other than who you really are.  But from the time we can talk, we’re being programmed to “fit in”.  We find ourselves conforming in order to please the people we love, and who loRead more


E26: A Whole New World

2021 was supposed to be different. We did battle with the pandemic in 2020, and closed the year feeling victorious, ready for the new normal but as we see the year swiftly coming to a close, we find ourselves in the same boat - battling an invisible Read more


E25: Building Inner Confidence

There are all kinds of strategies, ways of thinking, patterns of behavior and practical tips for improving your life and feeling better about yourself, but they're all redundant if the foundation isn't there. Inner confidence, powered by your knowledRead more


E24: God Cares About Your Emotions

As part of the celebrations for Women’s month in SA, I was in invited to speak on a platform that has become very dear to my heart – the Virtual Prayer Experience with Evangelist Itu Maboye & his co-hosts Evangeslist Ben Mwamba & Pastor Michael MaforRead more

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