EcoJustice Radio

EcoJustice Radio

By SoCal 350 Media

EcoJustice Radio, a project of, presents environmental and climate stories from a social justice frame, featuring voices not necessarily heard on traditional, mainstream, or even public media outlets. The purpose of EcoJustice Radio is to amplify community voices, broaden the reach of grassroots-based movements, and inspire action. Shows are archived weekly at and can be found on all major podcast apps.


Path to 100% Renewable Energy: The Los Angeles Model

Can a major metropolitan city offer the blueprint for 100% clean, renewable energy portfolio, all the while ensuring that their climate efforts elevate community demands? Are the solutions affordable to all and ensure worker justice and well-paying jRead more


1000 Tiny Farms: A Regenerative Network

Listen in to our discussion with Greg Reese, co-founder of Sea + Soil [] and creator of the 1000 Tiny Farms project []. A program working to cultivate a regional regenerative network of market gRead more


Break Free From The Plastic Death Cycle

Have you heard of the Death Cycle of Plastic (vs the life cycle)? Our guests talk solutions and actions from current Congressional legislation and to a new report shining a light on the environmental justice impacts. What about Zero Waste; should it Read more


LA River Revitalization: The Story of Master Plan Gone Awry - Ep. 95

The 51-mile Los Angeles River, more known for its barren stretches of concrete, is undergoing a long-term Master Planned greening and revitalization. Big questions remain about how to restore biodiversity, provide water resiliency in the face of climRead more


Biotonomy: Designing Nature-Based Green Buildings and Cities - Ep. 94

LISTEN to our discussion with the lead architectural designer for the firm Biotonomy [] using a holistic and Nature-based approach for buildings and cities to address the climate and biodiversity emergency. Rather than abanRead more

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