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EcoJustice Radio

By SoCal 350 Media

EcoJustice Radio, a project of, presents environmental and climate stories from a social justice frame, featuring voices not necessarily heard on traditional, mainstream, or even public media outlets. The purpose of EcoJustice Radio is to amplify community voices, broaden the reach of grassroots-based movements, and inspire action. Shows are archived weekly at and can be found on all major podcast apps.


Earthbanc: Aligning Wealth with Planetary Health

Green banking, responsible investing in ecosystem protection and planting projects, provides immense environmental benefits. Moreover, it creates livelihoods and gives communities a chance to move toward economic independence, making it a win-win solRead more


Online Shopping: The impacts to Air, Land, & Social Justice

Modern conveniences have real consequences. In order to accommodate the massive increase in online shopping, Big Retailers like Target, Amazon, Walmart, Ikea, have necessitated a fossil-fueled goods movement industry, shipping manufactured goods fromRead more


Sunken Seaweed: The Future of Regenerative Ocean Farming

Oceans cover roughly 70% of planet Earth, and they are in rapid decline. Impacted by human-induced climate change, pollution, dredging and overfishing, the world’s oceans are crying out for our attention. On today's show, we consider seaweed and theRead more


Spoken Word: Challenging Mainstream Discourse on Climate - Ep. 105

Spoken-word poetry can be a powerful art form of personal testimony, of protest, of activating on social and environmental concerns. On this show, we look into poetry artivism, the mixing of art and activism, where words can become catalysts intendeRead more


Rewilding the Human Family: Staying Interconnected in Modern Times - Ep. 104

Now more than ever, we need ancestral wisdom and ancient skills to balance our technological lifestyles, and stir up a new way of being human. Our guest Chris Morasky, one of the top Stone Age skills experts in the US and co-founder of the Wisdom KeeRead more

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