EcoJustice Radio

EcoJustice Radio

By SoCal 350 Media

EcoJustice Radio, a project of, presents environmental and climate stories from a social justice frame, featuring voices not necessarily heard on mainstream media outlets. The purpose of EcoJustice Radio is to amplify community voices, broaden the reach of grassroots-based movements, and inspire action. Broadcast/Podcast on KPFK Los Angeles Friday 3PM PST and KPFT Houston Monday 9AM CST. Shows are archived weekly at and can be found on all major podcast apps.


Indigenous Voices from the Northeast: Past, Present and Future

Native people inhabited the Connecticut River Valley of western Massachusetts for more than 10,000 years. It is the homeland of many First People, all related to one another. They are called the Sokoki, Pocumtuck, Nonotuck, Woronoco, and Agawam. ManRead more


Microplastics Are Everywhere: What’s The Risk?

Microplastics, small, micro sized plastic fragments are showing up in our water sources, rain, drinking water, and beverages like beer. It is in food, salt, and seafood. Moreover, it has recently been found in human breast milk, placentas, human lungRead more


How the Soil Sponge and Essential Biological Workers are Changing the World

The Earth’s water cycle, carbon cycle, and nutrient cycle depend on a healthy soil sponge, which is created and maintained by the ongoing work of other species. By restoring and nurturing the soil sponge, humanity has a unique opportunity to unify anRead more


Circular Fashion: Designing for Equity & Environment

Just as we analyze the impacts of our food and energy use, equally important is understanding from where our clothes originate, their environmental and social impacts, and how to dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner. According Read more


Sow A Heart Farm: Regeneration and Rethinking Food Systems

Some 12,000 years ago, our ancestors in the Fertile Crescent turned from being hunter-gatherers to farming. Today, agriculture consumes one-third of global land use and food production creates roughly15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We have beRead more

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